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    I went ahead and rolled the dice and $5 to check out Real One.

    What you get is a series of still images while a newscaster talks out the
    speaker phone. Its not video, the stills change every 10 to twenty
    seconds. They show you a still picture of the talking head, and every so
    often it changes.

    Not terribly impressive, a gimmick really.

    See More: question, usefulness Sprint downloads

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    VZW Guy

    Re: question, usefulness Sprint downloads

    Actually, Mr. Know-It-All, You are COMPLETELY WRONG!!!
    You are allowed up to a total of $10 per 30 day period for premium
    service credit..

    I just tried it myself, by making 3 seperate calls to 1-877-788-0743,
    entering $2.99 for the first call, $2.99 for the second call, AND THEN a
    THIRD call for $4.02..

    Next time please check your information for FACT before opening your
    mouth like you are the all knowing and all seeing OZ!

    Statements made by me are of my opinion and knowledge, and do not
    express those by Verizon Wireless(R).
    Any information I give is subject to change without notice, and may not
    be completely accurate.

    "Phill." <[email protected]> wrote in article
    <[email protected]>:
    > In article <[email protected]>,
    > "mcdgi" <[email protected]> wrote:
    > > I would like to ask if anyone tried any of Sprint's Vision downloads (the
    > > kind you have to pay for)
    > >
    > > In particular, I thought the weather radar and Real One apps looked
    > > interesting.
    > >
    > > Any problems with downloads not completing, working, getting charged for the
    > > wrong thing, or the apps not working or being very interesting?

    > They say they'll refund you if a download doesn't work, but they only
    > let you do that twice a month.

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