I have only two Sprint PCS left for sale. The Sanyo 4700 includes instruction
manual, battery and charger. The Sanyo 5000 includes stadnard battery, medium
battery, charger as well as a leather case with belt clip. On a scale of 1-10
and 10 being the best the 4700 is rated a 8 in the way of condition and the
5000 is rated 7 in the way of condition. The 4700 works fine but the 5000
needs a software reload. I am willing to sell the 4700 for $25.00 and the 5000
for $20.00. If someone wants to be both of them, I will sell them both for
$35.00. I will also have a Sanyo 4900 and Samsung N400 to sale when the 7200
is for sale. The 4900 and N400 have the orginal box, instructions and
chargers. I will post in the group when they are availble. Please e-mail me
at [email protected]. I accept PayPal. My PayPal e-mail address is
[email protected]

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