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    The TREO 600 arrived one day (two days if you count the first lost
    "paper order") after ordering. Wonderful helpful and pleasant folks
    (even if not particularly sharp) at Sprint.

    Dealing with Sprint AFTER THE SALE has been HELL.

    My unit has a defective microphone/speaker (tinny vibrations on all
    sounds, including ringers).

    Let me preface this with the comment that I have been a long-time
    supporter of Palm (III & Vx).

    First suggestion from Sprint: Take it to a store, and after they
    verify it is defective, they will replace it.

    Problem: Hellooo? The store have not even seen the unit and have none
    in stock (I know because I was there today buying a new phone for my

    Second suggestion from Sprint: Buy another phone and we will charge
    you for it. We can't verify that we would have a replacement unit in
    stock (even though the number I called was the same that sold it to me
    on Sales).

    Problem: Spending $600 for a phone that is defective on arrival does
    not inspire me to order another one. "First time, shame on you, second
    time shame on me."

    Third Suggestion: Okay, we will have a supervisor call back but it may
    be a couple of hours. ... three hours later -- no call back.

    Problem: When I call back, Sprint records shows "someone called back".
    Unless the ringer is defective (which I tested and it is not), they

    My own thought: Call Handspring. Handspring will not even talk to you
    if you bought it through Sprint.

    Final thought: So if you buy what, at least according to the specs,
    is a wonderful machine, STAY AWAY from ordering it directly from
    Sprint. It looks to me that Handspring shipped all their defective
    beta units to Sprint to unload.

    As to the T600, it is a wonderful device -- IF you get one that WORKS

    P.S. Don't buy it for the camera -- it's grainy and unfocused.

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    Sunday Auto

    Re: TREO 600 and Sprint (post sale)

    It's amazing (but predictable) that Sprint could take a long awaiting event
    that could be a source of new customers (the launch of the Treo 600) and then
    leave such a horrible taste in someone's mouth.

    Frank, first thing Monday morning, call Sprint Executive Services @
    817-215-3070, explain your plight, and politely ask for an advance replacement.
    They should Express you a new Treo from Louisville, and have the UPS man pick
    up your bad one.

    If they fail to do that, call your Credit card company, and ask for a
    "chargeback" stating you will otherwise decline payment for the defective

    Good luck.

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    Re: TREO 600 and Sprint (post sale)

    This is why I ordered my Treo 600 from Handspring directly. I'll avoid
    dealing with Sprint whenever possible.

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    Re: TREO 600 and Sprint (post sale)

    > This is why I ordered my Treo 600 from
    > Handspring directly. I'll avoid
    > dealing with Sprint whenever possible.

    Smart decision.

    I don't work for Sprint
    I can be honest.

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    Re: TREO 600 and Sprint (post sale)

    Thanks for the number. I'll keep it hand. I talked to three more
    people Monday morning and finally got someone that had the brains to
    escalate it (I think he worked in Data Support).

    The phone came Thursday. Activating it was a little bit of hassle,
    mainly because of the guy I got. I synched the new phone with my PC,
    and it appears to work fine so far today. They also sent a prepaid
    UPS mailer. Thanks again for the response.


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