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    Bill Radio
    It seems so small, but it's a big deal here. This fills a hole at
    the Chief Hosa exit of I-70, 10 miles west of Denver. It's a pole
    with a single bay antenna on the top. It's right on the I-70
    right-of-way. This is an unusual site for Colorado.

    This fixes one of only two gaps on I-70 from Denver to Glenwood
    Springs. If you are one of many I-70 commuters, this is indeed good
    news. It's also nice to see not all new sites in the west are
    confined to CA and AZ.


    See More: New I-70 Site Near Denver

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    Re: New I-70 Site Near Denver

    Great news. Little by little all the gaps are being filled in. I was
    very happy when Sprint added 3 fill in sites along I-10 between Los
    Angeles and Phoenix this year.

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