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    Hi guys. I have a very aggravating problem: I have a
    Toshiba/Audiovox 2032sp, and connect on the PCS network. When I try
    to check either of two POP3 accounts with Outlook, I cannot log on to
    the servers. The phone connects and tries to log in, and repeatedly
    asks for user names and passwords. They're both correct, and I've
    tried various combinations of saving passwords/ authentication/

    Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? Any suggestions?

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    Re: checking email

    Check with your Email adminsitrator(s) for the proper "Fully qualified" name of
    your email server.
    In some cases your username may need to be
    DOMAIN_NAME\username syntax when logging on remotely to an Exchange Server.
    Also watch out for leading or trailing blank spaces in user name or password.

    POP3 functionality on Outlook is not what it should be, it was designed for
    Imap email. Do you have another email client, or is your email web accessible?

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