Just looking at Manhattan, excluding all other boroughs, there are 148
Sprint cell sites according to the site detail maps. This includes 15
green diamonds (future sites) , so at minimum, thats 133 sites, but
I'll split the difference and say 140 sites total. At an estimated
$2500 leasing/maintenance cost per site, this is only $350,000 a month
costs to cover Manhattan. I'll tack on another $150,000 a month for
other costs, that's $500,000 cost per month purely on infrastructure.
If there are 200,000 manhattanite pcs subscribers (conservative
estimate, probably low), with an average monthly bill of $50.00 before
taxes (assuming no overages), at a 75% collection rate, that's
$7,500,000 a month inflow. Not a bad return on the infrastructure. Yes
I know there are a lot of other costs such as technicians, sprint
store leases, customer service, advertising, billing systems, landline
charges, trunk charges, etc. Im just looking at it purely from a site
infrastructure perspective, just interesting to think about.

In addition, if each tower is sectorized and can handle 180 calls per
tower simultaenously assuming 1xrtt (60 a sector) thats 25200
simultaneous calls, a little over 10% the total subscriber base. This
actually makes sense! I remember reading something that the network is
built to handle a 10% simultaenous load of all base subscribers in a
given area. Amazing......

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