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    Extra, extra, hear all about it.... before it happens:

    right click on download link at page, save target as. A deLightFull

    This every man for himself, dog eat dog, over-inflated ego, extremely
    short-sighted hypercapitalist Greed Feed has a Rendevous with That
    takes every Abusive Hot Shot down notches... it has already started.

    No Turn... watch The Burn...

    On present track, One day, not too far up, the same talking heads that
    of Iraqis as, "terrorists," for wanting to rid their country of Oil
    will be going
    on and on, inane reporting of the first nuke that goes off in a, as
    if the U.S. hasn't had a, "Nuke Me," sign that it slapped on its own

    The United States of Animosity, lip service to God, while loving the

    If you already know better, get on the ball and turn others.
    It is a numbers game.
    Current trajectory is the U.S. playing the Mystery Babylon role.
    It is a numbers game.

    See More: U.S. City Nuked!

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    Re: U.S. City Nuked!

    Eventually we will take back our earth. I just hope it is my lifetime.

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