When I found out Virgin Mobile was coming out with a camera phone all
I could say was “hell yea!”. Finally a camera phone on a pre-paid
services plan. The v7 Flasher is great, not only for the camera, but
for all the extra features I wasn’t really expected. Superphonic ring
tones, Wap brower, great battery life, great reception, and it’s even
smaller then I‘d first though (the exact same size and weight as my
v5 slider).

The camera again is my main reason for wanting this phone and after
testing it out under many different conditions it doesn’t disappoint.
The quality wonderful for a camera phone, and the process of sending
pictures to your friends is a snap. You can send pictures either to
another camera phone, to your virgin mobile online account, or
directly to an e-mail address (doesn‘t work with gmail, I‘ve tried).
One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that you can even take
pictures while the phone is flipped closed and the small external
screen acts as a viewfinder.

My only gripe with this phone would be the overall look. There are so
many sweet looking camera/flip phones out right now that this one
just doesn’t compare. I’m differently not complaining cause I love
what this phone does and how well it does it, but if there were
something I could change the look would be it.

All n’ all this phone is a must have for anyone looking
to upgrade to the camera phone generation and not have to sign a
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