I've had a Samsung i600 for about a year now, but I've got a new job
and I can't get a Verizon signal in my new building. So I'm going to
go with a different carrier. (My co-workers get a good signal in our
building with their US Cellular or AT&T phones.)

I bought the i600 in the first place so I wouldn't have to carry both a
PDA and a phone. It has worked out well, but I find that the only PDA
features I really use are the calendar and contacts that sync to
Microsoft Outlook. I don't read my email or Office documents on my
phone; I don't play games; I don't use the MP3 player much.

So I'm thinking that maybe I don't need such a sophisticated
(expensive) phone, but I do need a phone that will easily sync to the
contacts and calendar in Microsoft Outlook, and easily allow you to
find a contact or view your schedule on the phone screen.
Which phones do that well?

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