phone-jockey wrote:
> ted wrote:
>>A University of Utah study claims that drivers who use a cell phone will be
>>'more impaired than drunken drivers with blood alcohol levels exceeding
>>0.08.' The study also says that use will turn a driver who is age 20 into
>>age 70. Hands-free systems apparently don't help much either as they still
>>require a driver to 'actively be part of a conversation.'

> Just today I observed three vehicles swerving from lanes
> and all three drivers were using cell phones. It's getting
> ridiculous out there!

Personally I think that Cellphone Users should need special insurance
before they're allowed to have a cellphone. That way, if they walk into
traffic, drive like idiots, or connive to slander with the local
gossips, they'll have enough money to be worth suing.

The incapacity of a weak and distracted government may
often assume the appearance, and produce the effects,
of a treasonable correspondence with the public enemy.
--Gibbon, "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"
"Sometimes, Evil drives a mini-van."
--Desperate Housewives

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