Joseph wrote:

>On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 22:09:28 GMT, "Jamie Sloan via"
><[email protected]> wrote:
>>Everybody in this area will vouch that you
>>can't get any cellular service around here. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

>If they vouch for not being able to get any cellular service it's your
>fault for assuming that a cell phone would work in that area. Did you
>even bother to check whether cell phone service worked in that area
>before you made it an important number for people to get hold of you?
>Sounds like you didn't. I'm sorry for your situation but I can't see
>that it's anyone's fault but your own since you knew of the cellphone
>reception in the area.
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I will take up for poster. I got my first cell phone nearly 3 years ago
and it was useless at my home. I did ask and the reps said it would work
at home. Well when they wouldn't do anything about it I gave the cell
phone back along with a piece of my mind. When the home office started
trying to collect early termiation fees I got on the phone and started
calling. I finally talked to someone that had some since and wasn't
programmed like this computer. Now getting someone who would actually
listen to me, she did some checking and told me that the local office
should have never sold me that service to work where I lived. She
canceled the early termination fees. I went to another company, told
them what happened. They gave me a phone to use for a week. I tried it,
it worked and then I signed a contract and have had it ever since.

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