I just ordered Cingular service today with a Motorola V551 (actually
two of them for me and my fiancee since we have the family plan). I
have been doing tons of research and am planning on ordering one soon
but especially since I'm mail ordering I"m trying to make the right

1. Comfort. well I want something comfortable but that's probably a
matter of opinion. There's not a lot of long phone calls and I won't
wear it all day but still at times may have it on for a couple hours
while driving or so and waiting for calls.

2. Battery Time. As well, I would like at least 6 hours or so but
even 4 hours may do.

3. Charger. I have a Motorola phone so if I'm right the Motorola
models may use the same charger (car and home) as the V551. Would
any other models use the same?

4. Pairing. Since we have two phones I'd love it if I could pair it
with each device and then choose which one to use it with when needed.
I don't know a lot about these headsets but I assume that you
initially pair them with whatever phone(s) you plan to use them with
and that you only do this setup once and after that it's paired with
your phone and can then recognize it without a setup after that.

5. Noise cancellation/wind. Where I live (Colorado) it can get windy
and as well I see about noise cancellation. is this something I shoud
look for?

6. I don't know how to explain this but I have heard the complain
with some headsets that for example when it's paired with the phone
that if a phone call comes in you have to take it on the headset and
not the phone since it's 'connected to the headset'. I would like it
where when a phone call comes in or I make it I can easily decide
whether to use the phone or headset and during a call if I could
switch between the two devices. If I'm right some headsets can open
and close to turn them on and off and this sounds like a nice feature.

7. Delay time. I have also read how some headsets when a phone call
comes in for example they will sometimes have a 2-3 sec. delay wheh
you answer until the headset actually works. I don't know if the same
is true for calling out but it seems that this could be a problem.
Does anyone have a problem with this?

I have looked at the Motorola HS810 and HS820 Both seem similar, is
there a big difference?)

As well I have looked at the Jabra 250 as well as the Plantronics
M3000 and M3500. I like the 3500 except battery time seems to be
short. I'd like any opinions on these or suggestions for others.
Thanks for any help.

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