A Granny Inventor Appeals To The People's Conscience Concerning An
Unfair Treatment All Over The World

-A Seventy Aged Korean Old Woman Inventor's Optative Statement-

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An Introduction to the Granny Inventor :

The granny named Choi Yeong Ja of our country, who is living in
Cheongju-city Chungbuk, Korea at present, lives a pious life, as a
devout Roman Catholic and owns U.S.A Patent No. 4919933 concerning the
oral cavity in spite of being her seventies.

Speaking of the following case, the granny inventor wishes to bring a
charge of an evil intention and a misdeed against all the offenders
concerned with this case like this ; Jungang International Patent
Office, America Industrial Property Office, Japan Industrial Property
Office, America Patent Attorney's Office, Japan Patent Attorney's
Office, Taiwan Patent Attorney's Office, Korea Patent Attorney's
Office, the others etc.
The old woman wishes eagerly to express the following statements to
all the conscientious human beings "Invention is not my own thing but
the whole mankind's, therefore, Why should this valuable invention be
depressed like this ? Please help me to retrieve the patent notarized
under the America Patent Law and find a true partner who is interested
in medicine manufacturing in order to make a great contribution to all
the mankind by merchandising this valuable invention."

An outline of this case.

The old woman has already acquired U.S.A Patent No. 4919933,
concerning the method of manufacturing products related to the oral
However, speaking of this case, the old woman consigned a procedure of
application to Jungang International Patent Office(located in Seoul),
as an agent while Jungang International Patent Office found out the
fact that a manufacturing process of products concerned with the oral
cavity also had an enough effect on the skin to acquire the patent
right and an agent should hand back the half of benefit to the first
inventor, the old woman. Therefore, Jungang International Patent
Office is hoarding up the valuable intellectual property rights as a
result of notarizing the intellectual property rights under the
America Patent Act by taking advantage of an American who worked for
them at that time, in order to squeeze the half benefit out of the old

That is to say, Jungang International Patent Office made an American,
who was an employee, notarize the usage for skin, therefore, plan to
delete the patent right for a composite before acquiring U.S.A Patent
No. 4919933, recognizing that America Patent Act prescribes a special
system which keeps the intellectual property rights, provided that
someone attests a special value to the America Industrial Property
Office in advance.

Granny's specific explanation concerning the patent right :

First of all, I would like to explain the patent right for the people
who have no idea of the patent right.

First, It would be very natural to get the reoriented patent right if
some materials demonstrate a special effect for another usage after
getting the patent right for new materials.

Second, The first inventor will have the right to receive the half
benefit transferred from another in the course of getting the
reoriented patent.

Third, Patent law office, Agency came to know the fact that the
materials under U.S.A Patent No. 4919933 also displays a special
effect on the skin in the course of progressing U.S.A Patent No.

Fourth, Patent agency(Jungang International Patent Law Office, 80
Susong-dong Jongro-gu Seoul R.O.K) induced an American, who was an
employee at that time, to maintain patent by notarizing a skin usage
in U.S.A, therefore, eliminate the patent for a composition in order
to give the first inventor only the patent for a manufacturing
technique which is not approved of receiving the half right of the
patent for a composition, and also prevent the first inventor from
receiving the half right of the patent for a composition.

Fifth, Jungang International Patent Office took advantage of another 5
persons' signed and sealed false papers instead of four persons
besides me in the course of eliminating the patent for a composition.
That is to say, the Korean Patent Office made an application for
patent with an assistance of the America Patent Office, using another
5 persons' forged autograph instead of the proper 5 persons owning the
patent right to give the first inventor only the patent for a
manufacturing technique which is not approved of receiving the half
right of the patent for a composition.

Sixth, The American, who was an employee at that time, got married to
the president's niece of Jungang International Patent Law Office
after the above-mentioned procedure.

In addition, Agent didn't pay an annual money intentionally in order
to delete the proper right after the granny acquired Taiwan Patent No.
037414 concerning the oral cavity based on the Taiwan Patent Act.

On the other hand, the granny inventor found out the fact that the
patent office neglected the application for judgement even though the
granny well deserve the Japan Patent No. 2733523 concerning the oral
cavity based on Japan Patent Act. As a result, the granny inventor
nominated another patent agent instead of discharging the existing
patent agent, therefore, made an application for judgement. However,
Japan Industrial Office disposed of a useless legal paper even though
the granny inventor submitted the existing acquired copy of letters
patent in advance in the course of judgement. As a result, the granny
inventor had no choice but to prove that the submitted legal papers
are not a useless paper, therefore, acquire the Japan Patent No.
2733523 concerning the oral cavity based on Japan Patent Act.
The granny inventor wishes to express" All the above-mentioned process
are too hard for me to sustain. Give me true courage. Please help me."
Thank you for your concern about this letter.

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Cheongju-city Chungbuk, Korea
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