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    I'm kinda curious as to how cell phones know which frequency to send
    information out on (say for instance when you make a call and it sends
    out a request to the tower, or when you first turn the phone on and it
    registers on the network) so that they don't interfere with other cell
    phones belonging to the same carrier? I don't think they could all send
    info out on the same frequency because of interference problems??




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    Re: Reverse Link Question

    The cell phone sends a request on a shared random access
    channel to request the network for frequency and slot assignment.

    The network assigns the frequency and slot to be used for the call.
    Then on the terminal uses this assignment.

    You can find more details about cellular call flows at:

    EventStudio 2.5 -
    Enter model in plain text;generate call flow in PDF and Word

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