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    (Pete Cresswell)
    I think I've made up my mind to migrate two of my (almost never used) Cingular
    Family Plan phones to tMobile's $100/1000 minutes/365 days prepaid - pending
    verification of coverage (separate post).

    TracPhone had it's attractions - like riding on Verizon's net and the
    always-visible remaining minutes....but the diff in per-minute costs...Geeze!
    Gimme a break TracPhone....

    So, can somebody recommend a bottom-of-the-line Nokia GSM 1900mhz phone? (and a
    place to buy couple of them in unlocked mode...)

    Nokia, because (bless them!) they seem to have held the line on charger
    compatability - i.e. the bunch of AC & 12-volt chargers that we've accumulated
    for our old Nokia TDMA phones are reputed to work with their GSM phones.

    See More: Recommend El-Cheapo Nokia GSM?

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    (Pete Cresswell)

    Re: Recommend El-Cheapo Nokia GSM?

    Per Cyrus Afzali:
    >Hey Pete, if you'll ROT-13 my e-mail

    Cyrus, I tried sending an email, but it bounced.

    I think "ROT-13" went over my head...

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