Hi everybody,

i'm an italian guy who needs to send SMS to a peruvian girl:-)

Here in italy, and in Europe, we use GSM standard, so if anyone sends you a
SMS, even if your phone is turned of or not on coverage, you will get the
text sooner or later.

I heard that on CDMA networks, and bellsouth peru' aswell, it's different.
In particular, on that network, if the phone is turned off, the system will
try to deliver the sms within 8 hours.
But, if the cellular is on but not on coverage, you lost the SMS!
The problem is that you will never know whether the recipient cellular has
network coverage or not!

How is it possible?! i cant believe that u can lose a text message because
the cellular is not on coverage, here in italy with GSM the sms is a
reliable standard, you can be sure that - except few cases - the person you
are sending the sms to will get the message.

What do u think??Thank you


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