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    David S

    Re: Low cost prepaid

    On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 17:48:17 GMT, Tropical Haven <[email protected]> chose
    to add this to the great equation of life, the universe, and everything:

    >Joseph wrote:
    >> On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 18:49:38 -0500, "(Pete Cresswell)" <[email protected]>
    >> wrote:
    >>>I looked at TracPhone. Pluses for TracPhone were that it rides on Verizon's
    >>>net (probably better coverage)

    >> Make that *some* places use Verizon. Others use either AT&T's TDMA
    >> network or a GSM network such as cingular.

    >That's correct. I've heard reports that TracFone prefers Cingular
    >networks. I'm in Florida and all the TracFones seem to be TDMA or GSM.

    I mentioned to a Radio Shack salescritter recently that TracFone uses
    Verizon and he said no, they have their own network. I said Oh really? and
    let it go at that. I ended up buying a US Cellular phone the next day (and
    regretting it).

    (This was a special thing for my father. He was, from last September until
    about ten days ago, unable to get out of his apartment due to physical
    disability. About a month ago, there was a fire in his building, which
    burned all the phone and cable TV lines coming in. SBC was at least
    reasonably quick to understand that there was a problem and start doing
    something to fix it, but his phone service is Vonage and it took Comcast a
    full week just to send out a tech, and then he looked at the scene of the
    fire and said "I can't fix this." The next three techs did the same.
    Meanwhile, my father had no phone, no internet, finally connected an
    antenna to his TV, and yakked everyone to death (even more than he normally
    does) on his (actually my) ham radio. I got him the prepaid phone as a
    stopgap until his cable got fixed. (Within a week of that, a Comcast tech
    who must have been a human being in a former life ran a temporary cable
    just for my father until they send out a whole crew to fix everything

    (If there are any Chicago hams out there, I must say I'm impressed with the
    North Shore 440 repeater; I was able to talk to him on it from a parking
    lot on the west side of Naperville, about 30-35 miles from the repeater.)

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    There is a new wireless service from Tracfone that is called Net 10. They have cheap per min rates (10 cents per min) but are definately not for the person who uses it very little. You have to pay at least $30 every 30 days or you lose your service. But for the $30 you get 300 min. And the min roll over as long as you keep your service active. Plus no extra charge for roaming or long distance, and 5 cents per text message. And its the same network as Tracfone. Im thinking about trying this service, I have T-Mobile to go right now, which is great, but the service isnt very good. I use my cell phone alot, and end up paying $25 a month anyway. But I hate to give up my current phone. If anyone has heard anything about this service or has it, please leave some info!
    ROCK ON!!

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