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    Cingular has no customer service. They are not empowered to do anything but
    make excuses. They do not record complaints or suggestions. My bill, as
    seen on the internet, has an adding error in their favor. She would or
    record a complaint. They charges me $9 pro-rata for 4 hours of service (I
    activated my phone about 8PM one night) and never made a call.

    The internet site loops to no where (try to find out how to send an e-mail).

    Back to Verizon where they have empowered customer service. Unfortunately
    in my area Cingular has better coverage but I'll give that up.

    See More: Avoi Cingular: cancelled service in 1 week

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    Re: Avoi Cingular: cancelled service in 1 week

    True 100% , but the $9.00 prorate should not be a issue ..If it was
    more then a proration issue I would love to hear more ..

    Walter G.

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