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    Re: TracFone (Net10wireless) Offers New 10 cents per minute Plan

    "Shawn Gordhamer" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    > On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 04:48:47 GMT, "Rod" <[email protected]>
    > wrote:
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    > >When did T-Mobile prepaid start letting you choose the name on your

    > >id?
    > >
    > >

    > You just ask them.

    I have before, they said not on prepaid.

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    Re: TracFone (Net10wireless) Offers New 10 cents per minute Plan

    Cingular is not everywhere.
    And, if you sign up for NET 10 out of cingulars network, it will be
    on another network.

    I was trying to show people how to find out, what network their phone
    happens to be on, not debate where my text messages go.
    It seems all your looking for is fighting anyone that your afraid
    text messaged your cellphone, I hope you find them.
    If you still got the text address number it came from post it to
    this group, or send it to me.
    I can mess them up for you.

    But, good lawd you mad, calm down, take a chill pill, and half of
    another one. Get you a cellphone that can block text, or something.

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    Cognitions is offline


    Net-10 - 10 Cents a Minute No Contract, No Fee's

    Virgin Mobile®
    10¢, BUT only after you talk 10 minutes at 25¢ each per day.
    $75 minimum per month just to get to a 10¢ per minute rate every day.

    Verizon INpulseSM
    10¢, BUT only after 99¢ daily access fee.
    $30 access fee per month even if you don't use the phone. Using 200 minutes per month will actually cost you 25¢ per minute. Roaming calls are 69¢ per minute.

    To Go®
    10¢, BUT only when you buy a $100 airtime card.
    $100 or 1,000 minutes minimum purchase to continue to receive 10¢ per minute.

    Go Phone® Plans from Cingular
    10¢, BUT only after you are charged an additional $1 fee per day.*

    $30 fee per month in order to get a 10¢ per minute rate every day.

    Boost Mobile®

    15¢ on nights and weekends, and 25¢ per minute daytime rate M-F.

    At least 15¢ for every single minute you talk.

    20¢ per minute.
    20¢ per minute plus applicable taxes.


    With that being said, who gives a shi* if they offer 2 phones for net10. Once you guys grow older you'll realize that a phone is not an extention of your ego, you'll be better off. A phone is used to call people when you're not at home to do so. I signed up for unlimited long distance at the house. I dont care if people think my nokia 1100 looks dumb or dated, it gets the job done. I'm through with contracts... I mean really, you're signing your life away for 1-2 years for the sake of having a phone that people think looks cool. Yea, I'd pay 300 for a phone I thought would increase my social status, make me look rich... and guess what.. it didn't.

    My advice is, sign up for vonage, (24.99/mo) for unlimited calling *makes up for the tempting contracts offering unlimited nights and weekends (mostly starting at 9pm... come on). Hey, you dont get the frequencies going through your head... Get a prepaid to tell someone you'll be home so and so, or you'll be somewhere... that's it. Cellphones are the most useless inventions ever. THEY'RE MONEY PITS. Think about it.. why the hell would you want internet on a phone that takes an entire minute to type in an internet address... These phones load the internet so slow and show so little, there's almost no use. WANT TO SEE SPORTS SCORES? Christ, turn on your computer and access the internet. "t-mobile has internet"... Whoop-te-do

    Anyway, I signed up for this site just to reply to this thread... Prepaid is the way to go... get out of your verizon contracts with no termination fee-ask me how.


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