< This is an awesome phone that does just about everything you want,
but it will cost you $300. >


The phone.
The Treo™ 600 smartphone gives you everything you'd expect from a
top-of-the-line mobile phone – like a built-in speakerphone, mute
button and caller ID – plus a whole lot more. Slide the ringer switch
– right on top of the phone – to instantly silence all ringers, alarms
and system sound. Dial anyone in your address book instantly just by
typing their name or initials. The Treo 600 smartphone makes using
even the advanced features of your phone easier than you'd ever
thought possible.

Email and text messaging.
Read, write and send business or personal email from virtually
anywhere3, with a data services plan and your choice of optional email
service, just as you would from your desktop computer. Or send and
receive SMS text messages – between two phones, or to any email

The organizer.
This incredibly powerful Palm OS® organizer gives you all the built-in
productivity tools you need to make it through your busy day,
including Calendar (Date Book Plus), Contact List, Memo Pad, To Do
List, Advanced Calculator and more. And, with thousands of available
Palm OS software applications – and a whopping 24 MB of available
memory to hold them – you can customize your Treo 600 smartphone to do
just about anything you need it to do. Plus, because it synchronizes
with Microsoft Outlook® and the Palm™ Desktop, all of your existing
contacts can be transferred with a touch of a button.

The Internet.
The Treo 600 smartphone's built-in Blazer™ color web browser gives you
fast access to nearly all the sites on the web2 – not just the ones
optimized for mobile devices. Track stocks securely, get directions,
read headlines and see it all on a large, bright screen. You can even
download ring tones, pictures, applications and more – right to your

The camera.
Snap photos of your friends and family. Or get artistic. Share images
with others via email or MMS/PictureMail2, or use them to decorate
your screen. You can even attach a photo to a phone number so you can
see exactly who's calling with Picture Caller ID. The possibilities
are endless!

"This became a credo of mine... attempt the impossible in order to improve your work."
-- Bette Davis

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