It all started when I just wanted to customize my new Kyocera Slider by
putting custom made wallpaper and poly ring tones on it. Well stupid Qwest
Wireless doesn't support those kinds of things being sent through SMS so I
buy a USB cable and the software to find out the Kyocera software only
allows changes to the contacts and mono ring tones. So I find the PST
software and think I've just got lucky only to find that Qwest, as well as
pretty much every other service, won't give sublock codes out. I think
that's so stupid. Maybe they could say you're warrantee is void or
something but to set a code on a product that I own and not give it to me
just pisses me off. So I've looked all over the internet for a possibility
and it seems Qwest is the only service I can't find a way to get MSLs.
Currently I'm running a simple VB script every night to try all possible
numbers and theoretically it could take half a year straight to go through
every number. The only reason I can think of why cell service providers
would do this is in case of phone theft.

If anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
Possibly a Qwest employee has a heart and would help me out and feel more
comfortable emailing me. (SkippyKJ[AT]email[DOT]com)

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