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    Ever Wonder What To Do With Your Old Wireless Phone?

    CTIA - The Wireless Association and its member companies are
    committed to the goal of sustainable development and the
    environmentally sound management of their wireless products at
    end-of-life. There are several components to the industry's commitment
    to minimize the environmental impact of wireless phones. First, CTIA's
    members that manufacture mobile devices are continually evolving their
    products to be smaller, and are phasing out the use of cadmium and
    lead. Second, CTIA and its member companies participating in Wireless
    The New Recyclable are educating the public on the variety of
    convenient ways consumers can recycle their wireless devices.

    Find out more:

    * about where you can recycle your wireless device; and
    * industry efforts to promote recycling; and
    * answers to questions about the recycling of wireless devices.

    Rethink Initiative The Rethink Initiative offers a fresh
    perspective on the challenge of e-waste, with information, tools and
    solutions that make it easy to sell, donate, or recycle used cell
    phones, computers and electronics.

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    A certificate for recycling your old cell phone?

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