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>T.T. wrote:
>> Telus's Mike has a voicemail retrievable number 416-684-MAIL. Does anyone
>> know if there a number for Telus' PCS division.

>According to TELUS, no (of course, some reps will deny that 403-371-MAIL
>works for Mike clients.
>One thing you can try (This works on the Mike platform), check your call
>forwarding settings to see if you can find it.
>Honestly, I'm not really sure if PCS phones make this information
>available or not, but it's possible...

As a follow up to a several month old thread, 403-371-6245 (MAIL) works
for pay as you go customers as well as Mike customers in Calgary.

I also have the number in Edmonton kicking around somewhere if anybody
needs it.

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