All - Hi have just downloaded the most amazing new product i have ever
seen from a company called Orb Networks

Orb bascially has a free service that allows me to literally access and
stream any of my songs, videos or live tv channes from my home to my
nokia 6620 cell phone and it does not require any software on the phone
at all. this product is amazing in that i log into the orb website and
it automaitcally logs me into my home network and then it displays all
of my cable channels from comcast and all of the cds that i have ripped
to my hard drive. when i hit play - automatcially - orb figures out
the bandwidth to my phone and plays live tv which blows away VCAST -
and it is FREE. Not sure how they are going to make money - but i love
this serice and i would pay for it.

Check it out -

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