This is a thank you to all that helped. We made a request for old cell
phones for the area Women's Group, and many responded with phones, prayers
or interest. They caught the person. Dug up body parts and all. He's been
arrested, and no more reports of new missing persons.

Did we actually help solve the crime? Maybe: as we raised awareness and
helped at least 125+ women get emergency phones. Thank You on behalf of the
Community and women of Peoria.

Jody Feigle
[email protected]

If you missed parts of the original story: If you recall, in Peoria
Illinois there was a reported serial killer, the death / missing count grew
to 12.

<[email protected]> wrote in message news:...
> Community Update:
> I am writing this follow-up note (wirelessly) from an emergency community
> meeting (City of Refuge) with the area police, mayor, and pastors of the
> area to address community concerns. Additionally there are 10 full time
> detectives supporting along with the FBM.
> On-going police investigation concerning the death/missing people: 6 who
> have died; and 3 who are missing.
> In front of me is an area map with the pictures and biography of 9 young
> women, along with an X showing where the bodies were found, or in some
> cases, where the person was last seen. The victims are age 25-40, adults
> who would not put themselves in harms way.


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