"Finally a phone with keys big enough for human fingers."

MetroPCS, Nokia Collector

Have not found a way to increase size of lettering.

Full user opinion
I am mainly a laptop user. Have been for many years. The Nokia 6255i is
a laptop accessory for me. www.nokia.com has a free "Nokia Collector,"
download available that was actually designed for another model. This
collector lets us use any Bluetooth enabled Nokia phone including the
6255i, to copy images, videos and other files to Mac PowerBooks and

The ease and simplicity is something that is long overdue. When
traveling around the country I see many things of interest to friends
back in Hawaii. Like there name on a street sign for example. With this
phone it is just a shot, snap & drag to their inbox. Great!

If you want to put phone pictures in your email, phones that work with
bluetooth deserve a look.

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