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    I was browsing Siemens SX66 phones on eBay, and it looks like all the
    sellers claim that their phones are all unlocked by default. I asked
    one seller a question about his. Can you tell me if what he wrote is

    eBay item #

    You asked:
    "Was this phone unlocked when you bought it, or did you take it
    somewhere to unlock it? How do you know it is unlocked?"

    Well I broght the phone from Cingular. All you have to do is call them
    and activate it. There is a sim card in there but you will need to get
    one for your area. I didn't take it anywhere to get it unlocked, it
    just came standard from cingular. I hope this answered you question.
    If you have anymore please feel free to contact me and thank you for
    your interest in my item. Have a good day.

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    Total LIE!!!!

    I bought one off EBay and got it Monday. I put in my T-Mobile SIM and it said, "Insert Valid SIM Card." (or something pretty close). I used the info from BrianSkibinski;

    "Some excellent work has been done on the HTC all in one unlocker tool over at XDA, and it now supports the SX66

    Today I sucessfully unlocked my Siemens SX-66. program is really quick and easy too.

    Using System ROM: 1.40.00
    Using Extended ROM 1.40.124
    Radio: 1.13.00
    BT: 1.0.0 Build 3900"

    And then put in my T-Mobile SIM and it connected immediately to T-Mobile. I haven't actived GPRS yet, put I don't see any potential problems using it on their network and haven't encountered any problems thus far.

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