Hello people, I would appreciate any help on this subject, here a
resume of my story

a) I have an old PC , 233 pentium WIN 98 20 GB disk 64 MB memory
b) I have no money to buy new machine
c) I saw new smart cell phones accessing my pages (not wap but html
d) I decided upgrade my pages for better cell navigation on these tiny
e) I have no cell phone , I don't want buy a cell phone
f) I supposed it would rather simple to install some cell emulator in
my machine
g) I learned I should buy 512 MB 2.7 Mhz PC just to install emulatoros
h) I say 'that's impossible, people are becoming crazy'
i) I donwloaded T68i ericsson emulator to check
j) It installed ok in my machine, but no manuals, no explanations at
all about it
k) When I call emulator it opens DOS window 'API emulator running' or
something else
l) Nothing else happens, I don't know what should appear in my screen,
if the image of cellular, or else my browser should act like cell
m) I asked sony ericsson forums for help, but I think they travelled to
n) I tried nokia browser emulator but it says 'you have 1.4 java, I
want 1.3 version', believe me.
o) I still think my case have solution
p) I need ANY single cell emulator capable show internet pages in local
machine, any model, any manufacturer

thats all



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