SonyEricsson phones will support internet plus fax. Some Nokias and
Ericssons will too. The question that you will need to ask the service
providers is whether they support fax (AT&T didn't). Also, Fax needs to
be enabled on the SIM.
The the UK Vodafone support SMS messages to a fax machine - I assume
this is what you want to do. This is a prefix to the number that is
dialled to tell the network that you're sending a message to a fax
machine. I believe this is network dependant.

CharlesH Wrote:
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> Hi everybody,
> Do you know any cellphone can be used as a modem to dial up internet
> and
> send fax?
> Please recommend it.
> Thanks.
> Jerry
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> The only ones that will work to do what you suggest are AMPS, and
> even
> then not very well. GSM and CDMA provide data transmission services,
> but they are NOT modems. They take the data you present at the RS232
> interface, and substitute it for the voice payload.
> A modem takes the data, converts it to a phase modulated carrier that
> is demodulated at the other end, and there is in the rub. Because
> the
> phase relatoinships among the components in voice carry no
> information, none of the vocoders make any effort to preserve them,
> i.e. the phase relationships are lost, and in modems faster then 600
> bits per second, the data is carried in the phase relationships!!
> Ergo, connect up a modem to a AMPS phone, and you may be able to use
> dial up to about 9600bps, perhaps more if conditions are very very
> good. Try that with a D-AMPS, CDMA or GSM phone, and you will get
> nothing but a bill for the air time.-
> Actually, many phones emulate a modem, and the data gets converted to
> modem
> tones at the connection to the phone network and gets about 9600 -
> 14400
> bps. However, your cell company has to support the service.-
> CDMA providers such as Verizon Wireless allow you to connect directly
> to the
> Internet without going through the modem tones anywhere. The digital
> data
> on your serial or USB wire from your computer to your phone get
> transmitted
> as data to the cellular provider, who dumps them directly onto their
> IP network. As mentioned above, they also allow you to place a modem
> call from the provider's system to your ISP if you REALLY want to, but
> the modem at the provider's site, not in your phone. However, the
> phone
> pretends to be a modem to the computer, so you can use the the
> existing
> dial-up features on the computer.
> GSM EDGE provides similar direct connect to the Internet without modem
> tones.


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