Heads up to Steve Sobol, who used to have this provider...

I've been seeing these commercials on TV locally from "Revol", a new
cell phone provider. They feature a fake TV reporter doing a "story"
on a new large cell phone company merger, when someone unfurls the
Revol banner over the company's name at the top of its building.

Their website is here:


(Note: Lots of loud alt-rock music and "cool positioning" ahead! It
makes Virgin Mobile look like a service for grandparents...)

It turns out Revol bought out the old Northcoast PCS system as of this
week. Details here:


(Thankfully, no loud alt-rock music or attempts to sell to America's
unwashed youth here.)

Like Northcoast PCS before it, Revol is a flat-rate provider, with a
rate of $47/month before the usual fees and taxes. Like Northcoast
PCS, their primary service area is Cleveland and Akron, along with
nearby areas like Lorain/Elyria and Kent/Ravenna. Anything south of
Akron is not on their map, as Northcoast PCS sold off spectrum down in
the Canton area a ways back.

They also offer unlimited roaming in the Dayton and Toledo areas for
$3 a month. I have no idea which network they are using for that...

I wonder if they have any designs on going national? Their
advertising doesn't seem geographically targetted for Northeast

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