Kay Wrote:
> "Seb" [email protected] wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
> Can anybody help?
> My wife dialled my mobile number and was connected to another number.
> She has assumed the worst. Can anybody out there confirm that our
> great
> mobile phone providers can (albeit not too often) make mistakes? Has
> anybody had a similar experience??
> Seb
> --
> Seb-
> Did she dial the # herself? If she called you from her cell she could
> have
> looked at her outgoing call list to be sure she dialed the number
> correct.
> And Ummm.....is there a reason for her to be suspicious? In my 40
> plus
> years I have gotten calls on my landline and cell phones when the
> person
> swore the number they were calling was on speed dial.
> Kay

Thanks. Yes my wife did dial the number, but it was from a landline.
There is no reason for her to be suspicious!



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