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Subject: sagem myg-5 plus ir modem
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 10:36:17 +0000 (UTC)
From: Mickey Blue Eyes <[email protected]_CHANCE_yahoo.ie>
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hi everyone,

sorry i haven't posted in a while, been away on a course. anyway, has
anyone got the Sagem MyG-5 cellphone, and have they been able to get it
to dial up using the Infrared link? I tried, winxp recognizes it as a
Standard modem over IR link, but everytime i try to dial up to my gprs
provider, it gives me an error 777 or 797 - no hints as to what's wrong,
just - ask your system administrator. as i am he, and i have no clue
either, can anyone help? i have a Via fast infrared controller, which
has three transceivers, two of which will not pick up the cellphone -
the HP HDSL-1100 and the HP HDSL-3600 won't pick it up and the
IBM31T1100 will.
Any help would be appreciated as I'm on the move a lot with my laptop
and WiFi is not good around here!


Anonymity is the key. The key unlocks identity.

Anonymity is the key. The key unlocks identity.

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