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    TracFone has a new procedure, implemented just recently, for adding airtime
    to the GSM models that use the Cingular network. Adding airtime is easier
    than ever before. Now there is no need to call TracFone or log into their website when adding an airtime card or minutes to your
    phone. Just type in the PIN number shown on the airtime card itself into
    the phone (under Menu/Prepaid/Redeeming Airtime), and the minutes are added
    into the airtime tank in the phone after it communicates with the network
    automatically. No calls required! All the handshaking is done
    automatically between the GSM TracFone and the network, not via computer
    connected to the web or calls to TracFone using there toll free number as
    done previously. Its neat!

    I don't know if and when the new procedure for adding airtime will be
    available for CDMA and TDMA models, as I have a CDMA model as well.

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    Re: TracFone GSM Models Get New Add Airtime Procedure

    This DOES work on the v60 TDMA models, and I think the later Nokias.

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