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    Within the past couple weeks, my TracFone (Nokia 5180i) that uses the
    Verizon CDMA network updated its Preferred Roaming List or PRL.

    PRL was: 40014
    PRL is now: 40015

    I don't know what the difference is in the two PRLs.

    I read where Verizon has changed its 500XX series PRLs recently also, so
    TracFone models like v120c and v60 Motorolas and Nokia 2285 on the Verizon
    network will need updating also.

    To update a CDMA cellphone's PRL, just call

    *228 (then press Send)

    Listen to the automated operator and choose either option 1 or 2 (Verizon

    Note: Updating the PRL may give you coverage where no or limited coverage
    existed before. If you don't travel much and your coverage is good already,
    your requirement to update your PRL isn't that critical.

    CDMA TracFones are setup to use more than one carrier if their home network
    does not offer coverage when roaming for example.

    Please note any coverage differences with the new Verizon PRLs as a follow
    up to this post.


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    See More: TracFones that use Verizon Network get new PRLs

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    David L

    Re: TracFones that use Verizon Network get new PRLs

    The dualmode PRLs don't seem to be tracked as much as the trimode local
    and ACII plans.

    DON"T UPDATE before checking potential coverage losses!!!
    For example: VZW ACII plans lose some SPRINT (1900mhz) roaming with new
    "More Sprint PCS removals: San Francisco, Miami and Kansas City

    Read the rest of the PRL breakdowns here and for more PRL links.


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