Boy am I glad that I'm with T-Mobile. I've had their service for
almost 5 years now. Have gone from single account to the family plan,
back to individual accounts and now back to family plan.
I have never had a bad time with them. I've had phones break and was
sent replacements quickly, I can get upgrade phones for a fraction of
the original price.

No complaints...had a friend that work with Sprint, he quit because of
their practices and he couldn't live with it.

On 7 Jan 2004 23:21:20 -0800, [email protected] (Mike) wrote:

>Never sign a Sprint contract. Sprint and their sales monkeys are the
>scum of the earth. The bastards will tell you about their 14 day
>money back program only for you days later to find out its only good
>for the 30 buck phone. You will then be shocked to find a $300 bill
>in the mail after you cancel. Their customer service will then lie to
>you on the phone. They will pretend they don't have a 14 day program
>until you flat out tell them about it. Then they will lie to you
>again and tell you, you can't do it over the phone you have to drive
>60 miles away to one of our service centers to cancel, which is not
>true. All this for buying a phone at Costco and having it 2 days. I
>never hated a company so much as Sprint. I wasted hours because of
>Sprint and their scum sales force.