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    I'm trying to find a way to get custom ringtones on my phone for free.
    Is there a site (not paying like that can do this? Or, does
    anyone know if the phone works with a pc, data cable and bitpim or
    qpst. Thanks

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    re:Lg VX3300 Phone Ringtones

    I know one way that works. That is you can either play the ringtone
    on say your pc as you use your Voice Notes (or Voice Memo) option to
    record the sound, then save it. Once saved you can select the sound
    and set it as a ringtone. If you don't get it figured out I can
    look at the phone when I get home. I have the VX3000 for home and I
    use a VX5200 myself.

    You can also send the file to your phone and basically do the same
    thing. Save the sound as a file and set it as a ringtone.

    I've been busy lately as the 5200 will not let you do that at all and
    I'm about to just switch to all VX3300 and be done with it.


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