Hi, i'd like to invite those interested in Iridium
to join our discussion-group where we currently
look at the possibilties of receiving and decoding
Iridium signals.

As you may have noticed the Iridium satphone system
has currently gained a lot of attention thanks to
it's use in Iraq and in the Katrina area.

Here's a few technical details:

Handset TX-power is an average 0,6 Watts
RX sensitivity is -118 dBM
Frequency-band 1616-1626,5 MHz (L-Band)
Duplex is Time Division Duplex TDD (RX/TX same freq)
Data-rate 2400 Bd (V42b compression)
Modulation is QPSK
Acess/Multiplex is TDMA/FDMA
Coverage: 100% Worldwide (sat in sight)
Calls currently barred to: N.Korea,N.SriLanka
Use forbidden in: Cuba,Iran,Libya,Sudan,Angola
Services: Voice,Data,Paging,Voice PTT,Group calls
Mobile < > Sat link=encryption NO (?)
Sat < > Groundstation link-encryption YES (?)
Sat < > Sat link-encryption: UNKNOWM (probably NO)
Standard end-to-end encryption: NO
Add-on encryption units available: YES

To take part in this discussion sign up at:


membership is free,the group is moderated.

this group is mainly talking about GSM and Cellphone
interception,encryption and security
but we will now extend our interests to satphones.


contranl (moderator Yahoo group GSM-scanners)

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