I am using a v710 from Verizon.

These are my settings...

Main Menu -> (7) Settings -> (6) Network Info -> Set Mode: Automatic A

... I can also choose Automatic B or Home Only

Main Menu -> (9) Phone Info -> Other Information -> Network Select ->
Type: Home Only

... This displays "Home Only" no matter what I choose for "Set Mode:"
above and even though it says "Network Select" I can't select anything
from this screen... the only choices are "Back" and "Copy All Text"

A Verizon telephone technical support rep told me that my phone was
defective. She said that when she changed her choice for "Set Mode:" on
her personal v710 phone, the "Type:" also changed. She told me to get a
replacement phone from my local Verizon store.

The Verizon technical support rep at my local store told me that my
phone was normal. I insisted on trying making changes on the V710 store
demo phone, and when I changed the "Set Mode:" on that v710, the "Type:"
DID NOT changed.

I would appreciate knowing what other V710 owners see when they check
these two sections of their menus.

Thanks in advance.


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