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    If you have a TracFone that uses the Verizon carrier, and you are
    experiencing coverage problems, it might be time for you to update the PRL
    in the phone using *228 Send.

    I have a TracFone Nokia 5180i and just noticed yesterday the version of the
    PRL in the phone has recently changed.

    WAS: PRL version 40015
    IS: PRL version 40016

    I don't know what the difference is, but more than likely the 50xxx series
    PRL's are also affected.

    For the CDMA Nokia(s) you can see your current PRL version in your phone by

    *#VER# or *#837#

    Happy Holidays!

    JoshIII, 23 DEC 05
    [email protected] (josh3i at hotmail . com)
    For Prepaid Cellular Advice: http://pasofinosc.tripod.com

    Note: I learned the URL-N-Tagline listing trick from the self appointed
    "moderators" of the alt.cellular newsgroups. For heartburn concerning the
    practice, flame the nearest "moderator", else call your doctor.

    See More: TracFones with Verizon get new PRL

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    Re: TracFones with Verizon get new PRL

    It would seem that JoshIII the spammer has set up a website to support
    his habit of preying upon new cell phone owners so he doesn't have to
    pay for minutes..

    The contents are shown below.

    Also be advised that the site triggered my antivirus software by
    attempting to install a virus on my computer.



    Prepaid Cellphone Advice

    Prepaid Frequently Asked Questions

    This site is provides a source for free advice about prepaid cellphone
    plans in general and TracFone in particular. Any questions you have
    about cellphone networks, prepaid plans, and cellphones themselves,
    just ask! Email: [email protected]

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    You can get a refurbished Motorola v120 or Nokia 1221 / 2285 / 1100
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    TracFone(s) use Verizon, Alltel, Cingular, US Cellular, and T-Mobile
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    I've been a happy TracFone user for 4 years.

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    Questions or comments? Email me at:

    [email protected]

    TracFone Referral Blog

    Location: Upstate South Carolina
    TracFone models owned: 5180i, 1100
    TracFone carriers used: Verizon, Cingular GSM
    Overall TracFone rating: A -

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