Well I got bluetooth talking between my cell and PC. I can see the
phone book and copy it to the computer.

I can hookup, pair and start service fine. Using the Samsung PC Studio
II software I can even pull up the phoneboock and schedule OK.

I cannot however EDIT anything that is on the phone. If I cut and
paste from the phone to the PC and edit it there but it will not take
the data back, I get a cryptic

"There are some data that different with phone. Try again after

This error message is verbatum. After reloading the same error

Both devices (PC and phone) are authorized and the communication is
fine. Is it just not possible to change data on the phone itself? I
need to fix up all my contacts as
they came accross screwy. I kep the old SIM from my previous Nokia
cell phone. Does THAT have anything to do with it? All the numbers
are in the SIM.

When I try to write directly to the phone it says:

"Cannot write phonebook entry to memory"

I can place files in the downloaded files section using the file
manager part OK so writing to the phone appears to be OK.

Thanks in advance.

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