I want to buy a Nokia 6681 phone because it favors world GSM frequencies (900
& 1800) over domestic (for which it has 900). And I just plain like Nokia's.

When I e-mailed Nokia, not surprisingly I was told that NokiaUSA would not
honor any warranty for any 6681 because it is not marketed domestically.

The only option I see is to accept some kind of warranty from the importer.
I'm a bit concerned about this, especially with this phone, because it seems
to have bugs in firmware that as they are discovered, Nokia needs to update
the firmware. Importers don't have the capability to do this, and I presume
-- that if they indeed agree to do this, which is not absolute -- they would
have to send this to the home country (ie Europe).

What are others' experiences when buying "graymarket" phones and dealing with
importers over warranty issues?
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