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    Lost my phone geocaching....rrrrrrr

    Got a new Nokia 2126, and "activated" it today, but it doesn't work.
    My last phone activated almost instantly, so I'm a bit worried, it's
    been about 4 hours.

    I'm in Nebraska, home of Alltel. If I try to call from my phone, an
    Alltel recording wants to help me pay! Calls to my phone say "the
    Alltel customer you are trying to reach...."

    The coverage maps for Nebraska are messed up. Actually, all they show
    is one map, for Omaha, everything else is "roaming." I know that ain't
    right, I've used Tracfone for years, I had good home coverage with my
    old phone. The number they gave me is local, like my old one, so I
    shouldn't be roaming, should I?

    I went ahead and activated, despite the screwy map. Did I mess
    something up, or do I just need to be patient?


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    [email protected]

    Re: Tracfone won't activate....

    A-ha, I knew something was wrong!

    Go back yet again to the tech support option, and it says "we have
    determined you need more codes."

    Works great now!

    Thanks anyhow!


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