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    Re: What does OnStar use?

    Mij Adyaw wrote:
    > I am also anitsemantac. It means that I don't like Peter Norton. :-)

    Nice! <g>


    See More: What does OnStar use?

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    Re: What does OnStar use?

    All the copy and paste factoids and personal opinions are great but just look at the facts. Network is network no national company could function without significant roaming agreements unless your a crappy local company that gives you unlimited calling and access to 5 towers. Largest coverage with the most minutes? Absolutely Alltel. This still does not address the original question about On-Star. I guess everyone rather bash "Americas largest wireless network" than discuss the subject at hand...

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    Re: What does OnStar use?

    Steve Sobol wrote:
    > (b) I don't use Alltel. Look at my signature; I live in California. What part
    > of "Alltel doesn't offer service in California" did you fail to understand?

    According to this map, they do offer service in some parts of the state

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