I recently bought a Nokia 7160 for a couple of bucks on eBay to move a
Beyond Wireless number into to replace a bad phone.
Well, it was the first of August and time to make my "once every 60 days
call" on each of my Beyond phones to keep them active. Cingular service
is horrible in my subdivision so took all of the phones to my kitchen,
where I can just get a signal and started calling. Every phone could get
out a call (barely!) except this 7160. After moving it all around the
house and not being able to get out, I finally take off the battery and
see it has one of those idiotic antenna booster stickers on the back of
the case. I tore it off, slapped the battery back on and completed the
call first try.

I pity the saps that paid $15 for these @#$%[email protected] things when they first
came out...

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