A message to the cell monitoring group

Hi,i am student Of IT from Pakistan
<doing Bachlor in Computer Science>
i wana scan sim numbers as i have submitted it as my project in my
number is not that starts with 89------------------<manufacturing code>
but the number through which user is recognized
example of the number iz +923045020122 of Paktel company
i wana scan this number let me explain more
em sitting in a room and there are two friends of mine
sitting near me
and i wana develope a software/device that i jus activate ma
device or
just turn run ma software on my phone set and i can have
there numbers
both the numbers <i am not talking about the numbers that are
in phone book sim
card memory>
doing all this stuff from where can i get help and which dsp algos are
used in Pakistan sim cards.
or is there a ready-made device for this purpose

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