okay here it goes my name is ray and i just lost my job just this month and i need help and i will not stand on a corner
to ask for help like the bums. i am been trying to work doing landscaping.but those hours are just not making it.. i am asking
any one on the net if they can send me any kind of money.. just to let every one know i am not tring to be a millionaire
by doing this ,just get by. i will lose my apt at the end of the month today is Augest 15,2006....
to help me just go to www.paypal.com and sign up and send me anything you can.thank in advance.if you like,
you can send me a email at. [email protected].i will answer your email if u send me one thanks..that is the email
that u will need to send me some change please
hopefully this is not illegal...as i think if the Pan handlers can ask for change on a corner i can ask on the internet

With warm wishes, bless you and your loved ones, Ray Garcia

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