From the August 2006 Nokia newsletter:

"Nokia Opens First U.S. Store in Chicago
Now you can get up close and personal with Nokia phones at our new store on
Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This is the first Nokia store of its kind in the
U.S. and promises to showcase our broad range of devices, accessories and

The first Nokia Store opened in Moscow in December 2005. The Nokia Store
that just opened in Chicago is the first one in the United States. Over the
next two years, Nokia will continue to open additional Nokia Stores in
high-profile retail locations in shopping capitals around the world. Each
Nokia Store will showcase and sell a broad range of Nokia's mobile devices,
enhancements, solutions and services."

JoshIII responds:
This must be the start of a new trend in
cellphone shopping, namely:

Rather than going to a carrier owned or
affiliated store, being limited to only one
network, but choosing from a multitude of
cellphone manufacturers.

From now on we will have the option to
go to a phone brand outlet store,
restricted to one manufacturer, but
able to choose from a multitude carriers?

Let the plan and price wars get even fiercer now!

JoshIII, 18AUG06, < josh3i at hotmail . com >
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