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>>At the supermarket I see a big display with all the prepaid phone
>>cards for sale - the various long distance cards, and the prepaid
>>cellphone cards like Tracfone, etc.
>>Included is a big bunch of Verizon Wireless prepaid cards. This is
>>curious because my understanding is that Verizon Wireless doesn't
>>operate in Oklahoma at all, except for a small area around Durant
>>near the Texas border, which is 150 miles from me.
>>So I wonder why the cards are for sale here. I wonder because I've
>>assumed I couldn't use Page Plus here, and if I'm wrong about
>>Verizon, then I could be wrong about Page Plus too.
>>Any clarification would be appreciated.

> Perhaps it's a tourist area, and people can buy prepaid cards while
> they travel?

More than likely, the supermarket, drugstaore, etc., uses a third party
vendor like FastCard to handle all of their prepaid card sales and
activations, and they simply place the same rack of cards in every store,
regardless of location.

Since the cards have no value until "Activated" at the register, it doesn't
really matter who's cards they are- the cards not applicable to your area
just sit there not hurting anyone, and as you say Evan, MAYBE someone on
vaction might actually buy one.

My local supermarket sells Alltel cards (no Alltel here in Denver) as well
as gift cards for restaurant and department store chains that don't have a
presence here either.

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