Hi guys,

Could some really smart ( or experienced ) people out there tell me
what is going on here ?

A CDMA phone went "missing " ( read stolen ) and was "found again" (
read replaced) .Social engineers report that since then each time this
phone is turned on , a message is displayed in the cell phone of a guy
who was around when the cell phone went missing. Also, all
conversations of the original phone are replayed in the cell phone of
this guy. There are at least 2 phones in which the conversations are
replaying. Also, the range of this wiretap is at least 70 kilometres,
since we tried taking the phone to another city and planting "false
data" and bingo the guy who has us all puzzled acted on the false data.

Any idea guys, is this call forwarding rehashed ? or a wiretap ? a bug
? Any diagnosis ?

Thanks !

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