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    As far as I can see, the Nokia product has a substantial edge.

    To wit:
    - Case flips open with a press of a button (i.e. one-handed

    - Superior transceiver in marginal areas. I A/B'd the
    Razr with a Nokia candy bar phone and with the 6133
    and the Nokie's won hands-down. Both the Nokia phones
    could place and hold on to a call in areas where the Razr
    couldn't even find the network.

    - Voice recognition works on SIM card entries. Razr's
    voice recognition only works on phone-internal entries.

    - Voice recognition requires no training. Somehow the
    device manages to create a voice command for each and
    every phonebook entry with no user action required.

    - Maybe it's just me, but I find the Nokia keyboard a *lot*
    easier, more ergonomic, and more error-free to use.

    Only places I can see that Nokia dropped the ball are in the
    USB2 port (proprietary cable... sheesh!!!); the power port;
    whose connector is smaller than the connectors used on previous
    Nokia phones; and the user guide. But then again, I can't
    recall ever read a user guide by anybody anywhere that I'd give
    anything over a "C+" to.

    You'd think that if Nokia were going to ditch the power connecter
    interface they'd successfully preserved seemingly since Day 1,
    they'd go all the way and use a standard mini or micro USB2 port
    do it all.

    Finally for me, at least, the hi-fi ear buds and $2.50 will buy
    a cup of coffee. Come to think of it, maybe that functionality
    was what drove them to the goofey cable instead of a standard
    USB2 cable.

    Anybody else got some observations?

    The Razr is thinner and slides into a pocket easier... but that's
    about all I can come up with in it's favor. Did I miss anything
    significant on the Razr's "Pros" side?


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    Re: Noki 6133 vs Moto Razr 3.x

    ePer (PeteCresswell):
    >Did I miss anything
    >significant on the Razr's "Pros" side?

    The BlueTooth headset that I got for the Razr at about the same
    price as the one I got for the Nokia was, to me, noticeably
    slicker than Nokia's.

    It was smaller and better-looking.

    There was no holding the button to turn it on/off - just flipping
    out the micro boom does it.

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